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Muhoza Kelia is a bright eyed, beautiful Africa child that I'm lucky enough to know and call friend. I met Kelia through child sponsorship, an African New Life ministry. In 2014 I was blessed to travel to Kigali, Rwanda, Africa, and MEET KELIA!!!! I spent 10 days in Kigali, experiencing their culture, food, rich and dramatic history, market shopping, even Safari.


Want to be involved in a worthy cause that will change the life of a deserving child? Sponsor!! Visit their website and learn more.


This is a once in a lifetime trip....that I will make again!

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In 2012, Academy of Hair Design Owners David and Christie Gonzales teamed up with African New Life to open Dream Beauty Academy, a beauty school established in Kigali, Rwanda, Africa. This school is helping Rwandan women break the mold of poverty and prostitution, training them to become providers for their families. Dream Beauty Academy not only trains them in a valuable skill, but expresses the love, grace, and generosity of God through loving them, providing them counsel, food, and supplies. 

Africa New Life Ministries is an incredible organization working to shape the culture of Rwanda, as well as spread the word of God. Check them out!!


*Photos by Betty Krenek

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